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Bonus 40% OFF


Zooplus Discount Deal: Get Up to 40% OFF on Everything

  1. Shop with Zooplus for all the pet supplies you need.
  2. Explore dry food, grooming food, cleaning supplies, and much more and avail up to a 40% discount.
  3. Save money on your purchase immediately! Get the discount as soon as possible before the offer end.

Cat Food Savings


Zooplus Deal: Get Up to 30% OFF on Cat Food

  1. With a user-friendly interface, Zooplus offers a convenient and comprehensive shopping experience for pet lovers worldwide.
  2. Shop pet food, cages, accessories and more from Zooplus.
  3. Shop cat food from top brands with up to 30% off.

Fantastic Offer


Zooplus Discount Deal: Get Up to 20% OFF on Dog Best-Selling Food

  1. Zooplus is providing up to 10% off on top-selling dog food. 
  2. Chicken feet, Rocco's classic 6-course meal, and more 
  3. So, grab it now.

Bumper Save


Zooplus Voucher: Save Up to 20% on Applaws Food

  1. Zooplus has a diverse assortment of pet supplies, including food, toys, accessories, and grooming products for various animals such as dogs, cats, birds, and small mammals.
  2. Get up to 20% off on Applaws food. 
  3. Place your order now.

Super Save


Zooplus Offer: Get Up to 30% OFF on Natural Paradise Wall-Mounted Bed

  1. Get up to 30% off on a natural paradise wall-mounted bed.
  2. Including untreated birch wood from sustainable forestry, a round cat bed with high edges for extra comfort, a Velcro-attached cushion, etc.
  3. Grab the offer now.

Stress Relivers Offer


Zooplus Voucher: Get Up to 15% OFF on Stress Reliver Products

  1. Head to the website and get up to 15% off on stress-relieving products.
  2. Take the stress out of bonfire night with Zooplus' fantastic products to help your pets cope with loud noises.
  3. So what are you waiting for now? Avail now and enjoy.

Cashback Offer


Zooplus Deal: Get 10% Cashback on Completing Your Order

  1. Zooplus is the place where you can buy all kinds of pet food, including dog, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles, fish, horse, farm animals to much more.
  2. Get 10% cashback on completing your order every time through zooplus food pantry, it means order must be of 50KD, you will get 5KD back as cashback.
  3. Don't let the time fly your favorite products away, order them and avail the discount.

Top Deal


Zooplus Deal: Get Up to 20% OFF on Quilted Dog Coat

  1. Get up to 20% off on quilted dog coats.
  2. Pop your favorite products into your shopping basket as usual.
  3. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer! Avail the discount quickly before it expires.
  4. Grab the best offer.

Perfect Saver


Zooplus Voucher: Get Up to 15% OFF on Cosma Snackies Saver Pack

  1. The Cosma snackies saver pack is up to 15%.
  2. Cosma Snackies are produced through a delicate and prolonged freeze-drying process that preserves all essential nutrients and their delicious flavor.
  3. Make your cute little pets appear extra attractive and stylish by purchasing modern accessories.

Cage Accessories Offer


Zooplus Sale: Get Up t 10% OFF on Bird Cage Accessories

  1. Get up to 10% off on bird cage accessories.
  2. You can buy cage bird baths, food & water dishes, nesting materials, perches & swings, etc.
  3. Buy now to save big.

Pet Hutches Offer


Zooplus Offer: Get Up to 25% OFF on Small Pet Hutches

  1. Get up to 25% off on small pet hutches.
  2. Pick from our extensive selection of hutches for small animals.
  3. Your pet will have a cozy home thanks to these hutches, which will shield it from the elements and predators.

Bonus Offer


Zooplus Discount: Get Up to 20% OFF on Cat Tree Haul

  1. Zooplus has a massive selection of pet accessories and top sellers, all generously reduced while stock lasts.
  2. Get up to 20% off on cat tree sale
  3. Choosing from gingerbread tree, scratching tree to much more.

Super Offer


Zooplus Deal: Shop Now & Grab Up to 20% OFF On Cage Accessories

  1. Exciting news for pet owners! Shop now at Zooplus and enjoy up to 20% off on a fantastic selection of cage accessories.
  2. Elevate your pet's living space with premium items designed for comfort and entertainment.
  3. Whether it's cozy bedding, interactive toys, or essential accessories, Zooplus has everything to create a perfect environment for your furry friends. 

Amazing Offer


Zooplus Discount Deal: Enjoy Up to 20% OFF On Cat Toys

  1. Pamper your feline friends with Zooplus's special offer! Shop now and delight your cats with up to 20% off on a fantastic selection of cat toys.
  2. From interactive playthings to cozy hideaways, Zooplus has the perfect toys to keep your cats entertained and happy.
  3. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enrich your cat's environment with stimulating and enjoyable toys while enjoying significant savings. 

Super Saver


Zooplus Voucher: Enjoy Up to 20% OFF On Dog Coats

  1. Get ready for winter walks with Zooplus! Enjoy up to 20% off on a fantastic selection of dog coats.
  2. Keep your furry friend warm and stylish with high-quality coats designed for comfort and protection.
  3. Whether it's a cozy fleece or a waterproof jacket, Zooplus has the perfect fit for your dog.

Superb Offer


Zooplus Offer: Avail Up to 35% OFF On Dog's Beds

  1. Upgrade your dog's comfort with Zooplus's fantastic offer! Avail up to 35% off on a delightful selection of dog beds.
  2. Treat your furry friend to a cozy haven with a range of comfortable and stylish beds to suit their needs.
  3. Whether it's an orthopedic bed, a plush nest, or a durable mattress, Zooplus has the perfect option.