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Mahzooz Coupon Codes Apr 2024

Mahzooz is a prominent brand in Qatar, recognized for its engaging and innovative approach to gaming and philanthropy. Operating as a unique lottery platform, Mahzooz not only offers exciting chances to win substantial prizes but also embodies a strong commitment to social responsibility. A portion of the proceeds from Mahzooz ticket sales is dedicated to supporting charitable initiatives, reflecting the brand's dedication to positively impacting communities. With its blend of entertainment and benevolence, Mahzooz has become a symbol of hope and opportunity, uniting individuals for a chance to win big while contributing to meaningful causes.

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Outstanding Offer


Mahzooz Offer: Match 5 /5 numbers & Win AED 20,000,000

  1. This exciting opportunity invites participants to test their luck and embark on a journey where fortunes can be transformed with the alignment of five fortunate numbers. 
  2. Match 5 /5 numbers in any order for a chance to win AED 20,000,000. 
  3. Seize the moment, participate in the excitement, and let Mahzooz elevate your dreams to new heights with this unbeatable offer! 

Top Deal


Mahzooz Deal: Buy Water Bottle For AED 35 & Win Huge Prizes

  1. Stay hydrated in style while unlocking the potential for life-changing winnings.
  2. Buy water bottle for AED 35 and get a chance to win huge prizes. 
  3. Each bottle serves as an entry into the draw, where winners have the chance to secure substantial cash rewards.

Special Offer


Mahzooz Discount: Match 4/5 Numbers & Win AED 150,000

  1. Mahzooz is presenting a thrilling offer. 
  2. Match 4/5 numbers & and get a chance to win AED 150,000.
  3. It's a chance for players to turn their luck into a substantial cash win and make their dreams a reality.

Perfect Deal


Mahzooz Sale: Win AED 150,000 by Matching 3/5 Numbers

  1. Mahzooz is presenting an exciting opportunity for participants to win big with its latest offer.
  2. Match 3/5 numbers and stand a chance to win AED 150,000!
  3. Don't miss the chance to turn dreams into reality. 

Great Offer


Mahzooz Voucher: Match 2/5 Numbers & Win AED 35

  1. Mahzooz, known for its transparent and user-friendly platform, continues to redefine the lottery landscape by offering not only substantial prizes but also an easy and enjoyable gaming experience.
  2. Match 2/5 numbers & and get a chance to win AED 35.
  3. Participants can dream big and potentially turn a modest investment into a rewarding windfall. 

Best Offer


Mahzooz Offer: Win AED 5 by Matching 1/5 Numbers

  1. This enticing opportunity allows players to engage in a suspenseful game of luck with the potential for instant rewards.
  2. Get a chance to win AED 5 by matching 1/5 numbers.
  3. So what are you waiting for? 

Fantastic Deal


Mahzooz Deal: Win AED 100,000 in Triple 100 Raffle

  1. Mahzooz's Triple 100 Raffle is designed to elevate the excitement of winning, providing a shot at a life-changing AED 100,000 windfall. 
  2. Get a chance to win AED 100,000 in Triple 100 Raffle.
  3. Mahzooz ensures transparency and fairness in its raffle draws, creating a trustworthy environment for participants.

Super Saver


Mahzooz Discount: Match 5 Out of 49 Numbers to Win AED 10 Million

  1. Mahzooz presents a thrilling opportunity for participants to win big with its enticing offer.
  2. Match 5 out of 49 numbers to win AED 10 million.
  3. Try your luck for a chance to claim the impressive jackpot.

Outstanding Offer


Mahzooz Sale: Win AED 1 Million by Matching 4/49 Numbers

  1. Mahzooz is presenting a thrilling opportunity for participants to win a life-changing AED 1 million. 
  2. You can win AED 1 million by matching 4/49 numbers.
  3. As participants eagerly await the draw, the prospect of becoming a millionaire with just four matching numbers adds an element of suspense and possibility to the gaming landscape. 

Exciting Deal


Mahzooz Voucher: Sign Up For Latest Updates

  1. Signing up for Mahzooz updates means staying on the pulse of upcoming draws, jackpot announcements, and exclusive promotions.
  2. Sign up today for latest updates and deals. 
  3. So what are you waiting for?