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Pizza Hut Coupon Codes Dec 2022

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Verified Pizza Hut Coupons

Tasty Deal


Pizza Discount Deal: Order LIMO Pizza & 3 Dips For OMR 8.650

  1. Craving Pizza? Satisfy your hunger with Pizza Hut.
  2. Purchase the tastiest LIMO pizza with delicious 3 dips for OMR 8.650.
  3. Visit the page now or download the application to order your pizza.

Family Deal


Pizza Hut Discount: Purchase Family Box For OMR 8.900

  1. Enjoy some pizza with your family and experience the most delicious pizza.
  2. Get the Family Box, which includes 2 medium pan pizzas, 1 potato wedge, 4 pieces of garlic bread, and other side items.
  3. Visit the landing page to order for yourself and your family.

Delicious Deal


Pizza Hut Voucher: Enjoy Deal For 2 For OMR 4.00

  1. Order pizza to enjoy it with your friend.
  2. Get 1 medium pizza, 1 potato wedge, and 2 soft drinks.
  3. Party hard with your friend and have delicious pizza.

Exciting Offer


Pizza Hut Offer: Order Home Salad Bar For OMR 2.00

  1. Pizza Hut takes care of your health by offering you healthy and yummy salads.
  2. Order your salad bowl now which is full of nutrition and is just for OMR 2.00.
  3. Eat healthily and maintain a balanced life with Pizza Hut's amazing salads.

Super Saver


Pizza Hut Discount: Enjoy Meal For 1 Person For OMR 2.100

  1. Are you alone and hungry? Pizza Hut got your back.
  2. Order a meal for yourself which includes 1 small pan pizza and a soft drink for just OMR 2.100.
  3. You can never be alone as long as you have Pizza Hut delicious pizzas.

Pasta Party


Pizza Hut Discount Deal: Enjoy Pasta For OMR 3.800

  1. If you are not in the mood for pizza, you can order some pasta from Pizza Hut too.
  2. Purchase 1 Alfredo pasta ( chicken or vegetable ) with Kriss cut fries and water.
  3. Enjoy the tastiest pasta from Pizza Hut.

Family Offer


Pizza Hut Offer: Enjoy Big Family Meal For OMR 15.900

  1. Enjoy your family parties with Pizza Hut now, as it offers a wide range of family deals.
  2. Order the Super Family deal which includes 3 Large pizzas. 3 Kriss cut fries, 1 Hershey's cookie, 1 Pepsi of 2.25 liter.
  3. Don't worry if the food is not ready, order through Pizza Hut and get it delivered to your doorsteps in no time.

Happiness Deal


Pizza Hut Voucher: Purchase The Snack Box For Just 0MR 2.900

  1. Pizza Hut is offering great discounts on its tasty deals.
  2. Visit the page to order the snack box, which includes Kriss Cut Fries, 6 Piece Chili Cheese Nuggets, and 16 pieces of mini cheese balls for just OMR 2.900.
  3. Please your hunger with flavorful pizzas.

Takeaway Deal


Pizza Hut Voucher: Takeaway Pizza For Only OMR 3.300

  1. Pizza Hut offers to deliver your pizza to your doorstep or you can take it away from the shop.
  2. Purchase 1 medium pizza and french fries, available for takeaway only.
  3. Experience the happiness box full of best tastes and flavors.

Big Feast


Pizza Hut Sale: Enjoy The Big Meal For OMR 13.500

  1. Organized a big party? Don't worry to cook it at home, as Pizza Hut offers you larger meals for your larger parties.
  2. Order the large feast deal now which includes 2 large Pizzas, 2 Potato Wedges, 1 large Salad, 1 Hershey's cookie, and 1 Pepsi 2.25 liter.
  3. Purchase the deals at very discounted prices, but full of rich and juicy flavors.

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