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Mahzooz Coupon Codes Mar 2023

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Ramadan Sale is here!

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Ramadan Sale is here!

Verified Mahzooz Coupons

Best Offer


Mahzooz Deal: Buy 1 Mahzooz Water Bottle For AED 35

  1. For the purchase of every 1 Mahzooz water bottle for AED 35,
  2. Also, you will get the opportunity to participate with 1 entry in the weekly draws.
  3. For a chance to win millions each week, purchase a ticket to participate in Mahzooz live draws.

Cash Prize Offer


Mahzooz Deal: Get Play Live Draw & Win Cash Prizes

  1. Shop Mahzooz ticket right now for instant participation in the next lottery. 
  2. You will be entered into a weekly lucky draw for a chance to win one of many enormous prizes.
  3. So, don't wait anymore and grab the offer now.

Double Chance Offer


Mahzooz Discount Deal: Get Double Chances - 2 Entries For 35 AED

  1. Buy water bottles for donating from the Mahzooz website or app and get a chance to participate in lucky draw.
  2. You can get double chances & 2 entries for just 35 AED.
  3. This offer is valid for all users. 

Weekly Prizes Offer


Mahzooz Offer: Get Weekly Prizes Up to 300000

  1. Download the Mahzooz app or visit the site today. 
  2. Mahzooz offers enormous prizes with live draws. 
  3. You can win weekly prizes up to 300000 AED.
  4. So, don't wait anymore and participate in weekly draws today.

Super Offer


Mahzooz Deal: Match 5 Out of 49 Numbers To Win AED 10 Million Prize

  1. Your favorite draws is here and ready to welcome you into good life through Mahzooz weekly draws for only 35 AED. 
  2. All you need to match 5/5 number in Mahzooz grand draw to win the top prize of AED 10 Million and be part of Mahzooz millionaires club!
  3. So what are you waiting for? go ahead and participate now.

Super Saturday


Mahzooz Discount Deal: Match 4 Out of 5 To Win AED 1 Million Prize

  1. Mahzooz offers super saturday incredible prizes in lucky draws & chance to participate in raffle draws.
  2. Match 4 out of 5 numbers and get a chance to win AED 1 million. 
  3. So, don't wait anymore and visit the Mahzooz now to get more deals now!

Special Offer


Mahzooz Deal: Win AED 300 Raffle

  1. At Mahzooz, you can now win a raffle worth AED 300 with certainty.
  2. To increase your chances of winning, simply sign up and begin participating in draws.
  3. Act quickly If not, it would already be too late.

App Exclusive


Mahzooz Voucher: Download the App & Get Extra Benefits

  1. The Mahzooz app allows customers to view their account details, and find out more about the weekly promotional draws and current and historic results.
  2. Download the app now to get each and every details you want to know about Mahzooz.
  3. Also, get to know about new exciting offers at Mahzooz.
  4. So, what are you waiting for?

Doorbuster Offer


Mahzooz Sale: Get Chance to Win AED 20 Million For Only AED 35

  1. Check out the website now and participate in the Mahzooz live draws for a chance to win.
  2. For the purchase of every 1 Mahzooz water bottle for AED 35/-, customers will get the opportunity to participate with 1 entry in the weekly draws.
  3. Also, get a chance to win AED 20 Million.
  4.  Hurry up! Before it's too late.

Great Deal


Mahzooz Offer: Sign Up For Latest Updates Or Deals

  1. Mahzooz offers outstanding discounts for users around the globe.
  2. Participate in Mahzooz live draws for a chance to win and give amazing deals and discounts.
  3. Create an account now to get a chance to win with Mahzooz.
  4. Also, get to know about new exciting offers at Mahzooz.

Bumper Offer


Mahzooz Discount: Match 3 Out Of 5 to Win AED 350

  1. Mahzooz has come up with this amazing offer for users around the globe.
  2. Visit the website now and match 3/5 numbers in Grand Draw to win AED 350.
  3. So don't miss this amazing chance and enjoy this offer.

Free Gifts Offer


Mahzooz Deal: Enjoy Free Gifts for Eligible Purchases

  1. Mahzooz is offering free gifts for withdrawals of AED 300 and over.
  2. Free gifts can be yours just visit the website to make yourself eligible for free gifts.
  3. You can win top prizes by just registering yourself with Mahzooz to get started.
  4.  Hurry up! Before it's too late.

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