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Kuwait Finance House Coupon Codes Jul 2024

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) is a leading Islamic bank based in Kuwait and is recognized as one of the pioneers in Islamic banking and finance worldwide. Established in 1977, KFH operates according to Islamic principles and sharia-compliant practices. It offers a wide range of banking and financial services to both individual and corporate clients.

KFH is known for its commitment to ethical and sharia-compliant banking, which means it adheres to principles that prohibit interest (riba) and promote risk-sharing, ethical investments, and economic justice. The bank provides services such as retail banking, corporate banking, investment services, and wealth management. It has a significant presence not only in Kuwait but also in other countries through its international branches and subsidiaries. KFH's dedication to innovation in Islamic finance and its extensive network have solidified its position as a leading Islamic financial institution in the Gulf region and beyond.

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Amazing Offer


Kuwait Finance House Visa Signature Card Deal: Get Up to 6% Cashback Reward

  1. Make use of your KFH Visa Signature credit card for your expenditures and relish a plethora of offers and reductions.
  2. Attain a potential cashback of up to 6% each month on both local and international transactions.
  3. Ensure you don't overlook this opportunity and make the most of this enticing offer.

Booster Deal


Kuwait Finance House Debit Card Deal: Free VIP Lounges with Visa Infinite Debit Card

  1. Obtain your Visa Infinite debit card now to enjoy a multitude of advantages.
  2. Experience the exclusive benefit of complimentary access to VIP lounges at over 500 international airports spanning across more than 300 cities worldwide.
  3. There's no need for a code to activate this voucher.

Cashback Offer


Kuwait Finance House Visa Card Sale: Avail Up to 10% Cashback On Booking.com

  1. Visit the website to select and reserve your preferred hotel from a diverse array of destinations.
  2. Utilize your KFH Visa cards to receive a cashback of up to 10% on the reservations you make.
  3. Act quickly and seize this invaluable opportunity before it slips away!

Salary Deal


Kuwait Finance House Deal: Avail Up to KD 400 Upon Transferring Your Salary to Al-Rabeh

  1. Explore a diverse selection of deals and discounts currently available on the Kuwait Finance House website.
  2. By transferring your salary to the Al-Rabeh account, you can unlock numerous advantages and perks.
  3. This allows you the opportunity to effortlessly receive up to KD 400 upon completing your salary transfer.

Earn Miles


Kuwait Finance House Prepaid Card Offer: Earn Miles For KD Spent with Oasis Club Card

  1. Empower your global adventures and reap rewards using the Oasis Club prepaid card.
  2. For every transaction you make, you'll accrue miles that can be utilized in the future.
  3. Furthermore, upon card activation, you'll receive a complimentary bonus of 2,000 miles, enhancing your travel experience.

Huge Offer


Kuwait Finance House Visa Card Offer: Avail World Class Healthcare With Visa

  1. Having a KFH Visa card means you can set aside concerns about your healthcare and related matters.
  2. You're entitled to exclusive advantages through special offers extended by healthcare facilities that collaborate with Visa cardholders.
  3. Among the participating hospitals are Canadian Specialist Hospital, King's College Hospital London, Neuro Spinal Hospital, and several others.

Super Offer


Kuwait Finance House Credit Card Discount Deal: Earn Baitak Rewards With KD 5,000 Limit

  1. Act without delay, acquire your Visa/Mastercard Diamond card, and commence accumulating Baitak rewards.
  2. Experience the convenience of a credit limit starting at KD 5,000 with no extra fees, accompanied by complimentary coverage for family travel insurance.
  3. No code is needed to activate this enticing offer.

Wow Deal


Kuwait Finance House Discount: Double Your Points From Abroad Purchases with Baitak Rewards

  1. Seize the opportunity presented by this incredible offer exclusively designed for KFH cardholders with Baitak rewards.
  2. You now have the ability to amplify your reward points by twofold when utilizing your cards for overseas expenditures and international E-commerce transactions.
  3. No registration is necessary to access this campaign and attain double points.