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Pizza Hut Coupon Codes Mar 2023

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Ramadan Sale is here!

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Ramadan Sale is here!

Verified Pizza Hut Coupons

Scrumptious Offer


PizzaHut Discount Deal: Grab Any 3 Large Pizzas For JD20

  1. Want to enjoy yummy pizzas? But searching for the best deals for your best trio group!
  2. Then, why not opting the best food point, one and only pizza hut.
  3. Order this amazing deal and get any 3 large pizzas flavor of your choice only for JD 20.
  4. Visit now or order from the app, no need of any code required.

New Party Meal


PizzaHut Offer: Buy The New Party Meal For JD 22

  1. Arrange a party at your place and enjoy amazing offers from PizzaHut.
  2. In this offer you're getting 2 large pizzas,2 family pepsi, 2 side items of your choice.
  3. Choosing from 6 pcs bone out, garlic bread 6 pcs, supreme salad, potato wedges. What a tasty option!
  4. Order now from the app to get the delivery at your doorstep.

Family Meal Deal


PizzaHut Deal: Get The Family Deal Now For JD 16

  1. It's a family night plan. And without pizza it's totally incomplete! Isn't it!
  2. By availing this offer you'll get 2 medium pizzas, family pepsi, 2 side items you can choose.
  3. Choosing with 4 pcs bone out, garlic bread 4 pcs, supreme salad, potato wedges.
  4. Go now to pizza hut or call to order this amazing offer.

Deal For Two


PizzaHut Discount: Buy Any 2 Medium Pizzas For Only JD 10

  1. There's 2 of you sitting and doing nothing? 
  2. Order pizza now from PizzaHut and love the day.
  3. You can buy 2 medium size pizzas by availing this offer with flavors of your choices.
  4. Order your pizza now from Pizza Hut app and avail this gracious and tasty meal on the go.

Treat Day Deal


PizzaHut Voucher: Buy My Box For JD 22 Only

  1. Come on, Call over your friends and treat them with some yummy meal.
  2. In this deal, you'll get 4 square pizza + 8 sides of the following items
  3. Choosing from chicken wings, Potato wedges, chicken bbq spin rolls, Garlic Bread Supreme, Cheesy Pops.
  4. Buy your friends some pizza and other stuff from PizzaHut now.

The Limo Deal


PizzaHut Discount Deal: Buy Super Limo Only For JD 20

  1. Do you love pizza then, why not ordering it asap! Filled your cravings with the best option.
  2. Lots of people and can't choose between the flavors and spices.
  3. Buy the limo deal now, and you'll get 36 pizza slices to share with everyone.
  4. Now you can get the limo pizza delivered to your doorstep by ordering.

Treat Yourself


PizzaHut Offer: Get My Box Meal For JD 6 Only

  1. All alone? Getting Bored? Want to order something, but what! Why not trying a mini pizza party!
  2. Avail this mini offer for yourself and treat yourself with an any square pizza + 2 sides items from 1 Chicken Spin Roll + BBQ Sauce / 2 pieces Garlic Bread Supreme / 4 pieces Chicken Wings / Wedges / Cheesy Pops.
  3. Loved this deal, Right? So order this right away and treat yourself.

Tasty Deal


PizzaHut Voucher: Buy Chicken Baked Pasta For JD 4.750

  1. Craving for some baked pasta but too lazy to bake it? It's okay, order it now from PizzaHut.
  2. By availing this offer you'll get chicken baked pasta, garlic bread and a pepsi.
  3. Starting from just JD 4.750 only, so hurry up! And, make your order now.
  4. Order now or visit PizzaHut to have this tempting meal deal.

Lasagna Deal


PizzaHut Offer: Get The Foot Long Lasagna For JD 4.750

  1. A Foot Long Lasagna! Yes, you heard me right. Get it now from PizzaHut.com.
  2. Get the foot long lasagna with garlic bread and pepsi for JD 4.750 Only.
  3. Don't crave by seeing the menu or scrolling to the slides, just order it now and have it.
  4. No need of code or additional charges applied.

Friends Deal


PizzaHut Sale: Buy Any 3 Medium Pizzas For JD 14

  1. So, it's a Trip friends day. But what about the food?
  2. Why not trying the pizza party? But problem is, can't decide between flavors.
  3. We have the deal now and get 3 medium size pizzas of your choice from any flavors on the menu available.
  4. Have a lovely day on your trio friends day by eating pizza from PizzaHut.com.

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