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Pizza Hut Coupon Codes Mar 2023

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Ramadan Sale is here!

Verified Pizza Hut Coupons

Tasty Deal


PizzaHut Offer: Buy My Box With Pizza and 2 Sides For 3.6 BHD

  1. Order a moyhwatering pizza for yourself now.
  2. By availing this deal you'll get 1 square Pizza and 2 sides. Try it now with new ghost chili peppers.
  3. Order now from the app or call to enjoy this deal.

Family Deal


PizzaHut Voucher: Grab The Family Box For 11.5 BHD

  1. Eating Meals together makes the meals more fun.
  2. Avail this amazing family deal and enjoy 2 Medium pizzas, 4pcs. Garlic Bread, wedges, 1 salad and 1 Family drink
  3. Order now and enjoy it altogether.

Everyday Offer


PizzaHut Discount Deal: Buy 2 Pizzas And Get 1 For Free for 12.5 BHD

  1. Are you the only one paying? Than grab this striking offer from PizzaHut.
  2. Buy 2 large Pizzas and get 1 free.
  3. Visit now or call to get this delivered at your doorstep.

Party Hard


PizzaHut Discount: Buy the Party Box For 14.5 BHD Only

  1. Organizing a party at your place. Pizza Hut got your back
  2. Avail this party box now and get 3 medium pizzas, wedges, 6 pcs garlic bread, 1 salad and 1 drink.
  3. Rush now to PizzaHut and grab this family box or order from the app.

Sharing Deal


PizzaHut Deal: Buy Meal For 2 Person For Only 6.9 BHD

  1. Cant decide what to eat? Order from PizzaHut now.
  2. By ordering this deal you'll get 1 Medium pizza, 1 salad, 4 pcs garlic bread & 2 Pepsi soda cans.
  3. Treat your bestfriend now by ordering from PizzaHut.

Happiness Meal Deal


PizzaHut Voucher: Get The Super Triple Layer Box For 8.5 BHD

  1. You don't want to cook today? It's okay you can order now from PizzaHut.
  2. In this deal you'll get 2 rectangular pizzas, 2 sides & The irresistible chocolate dessert Pizza.
  3. Order your pizzas now and love eating them.

The Limo Deal


PizzaHut Offer: Buy Limo Pizza For 8.5 BHD Only

  1. Everyone wants their own flavour of pizza. Don't worry about it and Buy the Longest pizza from PizzaHut.
  2. So many of you can eat from this deal because the limo pizza consist 36 SLICES!. Yes you heard me right.
  3. Don't wanna go but want to eat the limo pizza. It's Just a call away. Order now and eat the Limo pizza at home.

Pay For 2 & Get 1 Free


PizzaHut Discount Deal: Buy 2 Medium Pizzas And Get 1 Free for 9.8 BHD

  1. Pay less and get more pizzas from PizzaHut now.
  2. Buy 2 Medium Pizzas and get1 free medium pizza on it.
  3. Go now or order at your doorstep and enjoy this lovely deal.

Amazing Deal


PizzaHut Offer: Grab The Ultimate Offer Now For 5.9 BHD

  1. PizzaHut is offering so many different flavour of pizzas with garlic bread, pastas and desserts.
  2. In this offer you can enjoy 2 medium pizzas alongside 1.25 L Of pepsi.
  3. Enjoy this meal with your loved ones.

Treat Yourself


PizzaHut Deal: Buy 1 Pizza & Drink For 1.9 BHD Only

  1. So, You're Alone. Grab your phone and order a tasty meal for yourself now from PizzaHut.
  2. Buy this deal for yourself and get 1 pizza and 1 drink and treat yourself.
  3. Loved it? Don't forget to order again from PizzaHut.

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