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Prolon Coupon Codes Feb 2023

New Year Sale in here!

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New Year Sale in here!

Verified Prolon Coupons

Flash Sale Offer


Prolon Offer: ReSet Single Box 1-Day Fasting Nutrition Kit Starting From AED 200

  1. Prolon diet is a fasting-mimicking plan designed to promote weight loss and reduce body fat. 
  2. ReSet single box 1 day fasting nutrition kit is starting from just AED 200.

2 Box Bundle Offer


Prolon Deal: ReSet 2 Box 1-Day Fasting Kit Starting From AED 380

  1. Wanna become slim without doing any hard & fast? Then have a look at this offer.
  2. Prolon is offering amazing plans and products for you.
  3. ReSet 2 box 1 day fasting nutrition kit is starting from AED 380 only.

4 Box Bundle Offer


Prolon Discount: ReSet 4 Box 1-Day Fasting Nutrition Kit Starting From AED 720

  1. ProLon ReSet is the only scientifically backed 1-day nutrition kit that puts your body in a fasting state, helping you take the time to reset and recharge.
  2. ReSet 4 box 1 day fasting nutrition kit is starting from just  AED 720.

Top Deal


Prolon Discount Deal: 5 Day Fasting Nutrition Kit Starting From AED 650

  1. In 5 short days ProLon allows your body to go into a rejuvenating state, while consuming macro and micro nutrients to keep your body nourished.
  2. 5 day fasting nutrition kit is starting from AED 650 only.

Amazing Offer


Prolon Sale: Fasting Shake Starting From Rs.27,735

  1. Visit the website and purchase a Prolon fasting shake.
  2. Fasting Shake unlocks fasting benefits so that you be at your best any day, and every day.
  3. Its price is starting from Rs.27,735.

Best Offer


Prolon Voucher: Get Up to 50% OFF on Health & Fitness Supplements

  1. Prolon is offering up to 50% discount on health & fitness supplements.
  2. Choose from the fast-mimicking diet, lemon tea supplements, L bars, soups, and more.

Superb Offer


Prolon Offer: Flat 30% OFF on Single Box Order

  1. Prolon is offering flat 30% off on single box orders.
  2. The products contains: L-Bar, olives, kale crackers, tea, L-Drink & supplements.
  3. Hurry Up! Place your order now. Its a limited-time offer.

Exciting Offer


Prolon Deal: Avail DHS 330 on Fasting Mimicking Diet Plan

  1. Prolon is proving fasting-mimicking diet plan at reasonable price.
  2. Avail flat DHS 330 on this plan.
  3. Use this plan & become slim without doing any hard fasting.

5 Days Fasting Plan Deal


Prolon Discount: Receive Flat 30% OFF on 5 Days Fasting Plan

  1. ProLon Fasting Nutrition Program is a perfectly planned 5-day meal kit to provide your body with nourishment while keeping it in a fasting state.
  2. Receive flat 30% off on 5 days fasting plan.

Fasting Bars


Prolon Discount Deal: Intermittent Fasting Bars Starting From DHS 240

  1. Fast Bar is made with premium nuts like Macadamias. Nuts contain a variety of health-supporting nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. Intermittent fasting bars are starting from DHS 240.

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