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Novakid Coupon Codes Apr 2024

Novakid is a leading online English language learning platform designed for children aged 4 to 12. Through live one-on-one lessons with certified native-speaking teachers, Novakid offers an interactive and engaging curriculum that focuses on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. The platform combines innovative technology, personalized instruction, and captivating materials to create a dynamic learning experience. With a mission to empower young learners to communicate fluently and confidently in English, Novakid provides a safe and effective educational environment that fosters language development and cultural awareness. Elevate Education with Novakid: Grab Novakid Voucher Codes Now

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Money-Back Guarantee


Novakid Offer: Get 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

  1. Novakid is an online English school for children aged 4-12 that provides lessons with native speakers.
  2. Buy your desired plan for your kids.
  3. And get 45 days money back guarantee!

Free Trial Offer


Novakid Deal: Enjoy Free Trial Lesson for 25-Minutes

  1. Novakid is an online school where children learn English from native speakers
  2. Now you can get free trial lesson for full 25-minutes.
  3. Get your trial lesson now.

Super Saver


Novakid Discount: Enjoy 10% OFF on Enrollment of Your Two Children

  1. Novakid is an online English language school aimed at children aged 4-12 years, where all qualified teachers are native speakers
  2. If both your children are learning English with Novakid then you can avail 10% off.
  3. This offer is valid for all users.

Great Deal


Novakid Discount Deal: 24 Lessons Standard Plan is Starting From ₺181

  1. Novakid has native English speaking teachers with more than 2 years of educational experience.
  2. Enroll for 24 lessons standard plan which is starting from just ₺181 per lesson.
  3. No voucher code is required to get this offer.

Best Offer


Novakid Sale: 24 Weeks Membership Starting From ₺171/Lesson

  1. Novakid is an online English learning platform.
  2. Buy 24 weeks membership which is starting from ₺171 per lesson only.
  3. Hurry up! Buy it now to save big.

Top Offer


Novakid Voucher: 4 Weeks Premium Membership Starting From ₺439

  1. Novakid offers a practical and effective learning format that encourages the students to communicate using English confidently.
  2. Grab premium package of 4 weeks for just ₺439 per lesson.
  3. In this plan, you will get 2 lessons per week.

Special Offer


Novakid Offer: 96 Lessons Standard Package Starting From ₺162

  1. Learn perfect English with Novakid.
  2. 96 lessons standard package membership is starting from just ₺162 per lesson.
  3. This plan has an installment payment option.

Exciting Offer


Novakid Deal: 12 Weeks Premium Membership Starting From ₺320 Per Lesson

  1. Novakid offers online English classes with native speakers for students from all over the world.
  2. 12 weeks premium membership plan is starting from ₺320/lesson.
  3. Don't miss this amazing offer.

Money Saving Offer


Novakid Discount: 48 Lessons Premium Plan Starting From ₺304

  1. Novakid teach their students with fun. 
  2. Enroll for 48 lessons premium plan now which is starting from just ₺304 per lesson.
  3. Get your hands on this offer now.

Top Discount Deal


Novakid Discount Deal: 8 Lessons Standard Membership Package Starting From ₺255

  1. Novakid's international team works all over the world with children aged 4-12 from more than 50 countries.
  2. Buy the membership of 8 lessons standard plan which is starting from ₺255 per lesson only.
  3. Save big by purchasing this plan.

Best Offer


Novakid Deal: Enjoy Online English Education Classes For Free

  1. Take advantage of the fantastic Novakid offer to take free online English classes!
  2. Give your child the chance to study English with qualified instructors through fun, dynamic lessons.
  3. Don't pass up this fantastic opportunity; enrol right away!

Money Back Guarantee


Novakid Offer: Enjoy 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

  1. Use the Novakid promotion and benefit from a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Enrol in Novakid's captivating English learning programme with confidence knowing that you can ask for a refund if you're not satisfied within the first 45 days.
  3. Risk-free, enjoy Novakid's advantages while providing your child with a worthwhile educational experience.

Special Offer


Novakid Discount Deal: Get 1 Month Premium Plan For Free

  1. With Novakid right now, you can receive a Premium Plan for a full month for free.
  2. Give your youngster access to top-notch instruction in English with engaging sessions from qualified professionals.
  3. You can use the premium features for free during this limited-time promotion.

Booster Savings


Novakid Sale: Grab 14% OFF on Premium Plan For 3 Months

  1. Don't pass up the Novakid promotion! Get a 3 month flat 14% discount on the Premium Plan.
  2. Unlock the advantages of high-quality English instruction for your child, including engaging courses and qualified instructors.
  3. Take advantage of this one-time deal to improve their language abilities.

Special Offer


Novakid Discount Deal: Get 22% OFF on 6-Months Standard Plan

  1. Don't pass up the Novakid promotion! Get a flat 33% discount on the 6-month basic package and give your children access to a world of engaging online English instruction.
  2. Give your child engaging instruction from qualified instructors.
  3. Grab this amazing deal today for efficient and pleasant language study because it is only available for a limited period.

Combo Offer


Novakid Offer: Enjoy 10% OFF on 2 kid's Learning Courses

  1. Novakid is an online platform that offers English language lessons to children aged 4 to 12 years old and aims to make language learning enjoyable and effective for young learners. 
  2. Now get 10% discount when you enroll 2 kids in their engaging courses. Don't miss out and invest in your child's future while saving on quality education. 

Super Attracted Offer


Novakid Discount Deal: Save 13% on 2 Lesson for 3-Months

  1. Unlock your child's potential in language learning with Novakid's exclusive offer! Save 13% on a 3-month subscription and get 2 lessons for free.
  2. Novakid offers engaging and interactive online English lessons taught by native-speaking teachers.
  3. Don't miss this chance to give your child the gift of language skills and cultural enrichment! Sign up today.